Biggest Disappointment of 2014

The Jewel - Amy Ewing

The Jewel by Amy Ewing- I had really high hopes for this book. I had pre-ordered this book because I was excited about it. I found the story premise to be cool and I heard that some compare it to The Hunger Games Trilogy and The Selection trilogy. For me it was a little like The Selection with the glamour and luxury of the life style. To me it was not really even close to The Hunger Games except for the little bit of rebellion with being a surrogate. Then the romance was really too starstruck and instant love. It was super annoying over the story and the characters were not reliable or realistic. Overall the story had so much potential, but sadly it did live up to the expectations and in the end I gave it ⅖ stars in the end.

(Note: These are my thoughts alone.)