Review: The Reckoning (Hard to Resist #2) by S.L. Scott - 4.75/5 stars

The Reckoning - S.L. Scott

I honestly thought that the ending in the last book was really good so I did not really think that are needed to be a second book . I was really surprised by that I ended up liking this book after it is really nice to see how their relationship progressed after everything that happened and see the repercussions of the actions in the last book. I really like to see how the writing really did not change and it was a story that got taken along with a full plot after the way it ended in the last one. I really loved all the characters again and it was nice to finally see Johnny aka Dalton without the rockstar part of him. Through so many twists and turns in the story that I was surprised about which I did not expect just coming into the the story I just thought it was going to be one of those cheap knockoffs of of the first story. In the end I thought the story became beautiful and really great with the fact that Dalton still had demons to can find and to eradicate for the future he wanted with Holiday. Is really great to see him after he kind of over everything and kind of got everything out of him which is one thing I would definitely say if you've read the first book you would really look forward to. It really is also properly I self discovery novel instead of the romance and it really helps people see what can happen if you don't like self grieve properly. It also shows that when you give up you don't really get anything out of this life. Now one of the two things that I felt like it would need help on would be that there's a little bit too much drama with all the paparazzi, him partying too much and all the craziness that happens in the novel. I also did not like all the trust issues in the story, but after awhile you see that this is kinda needed for the plot to end the way that it did. Here is some quotes that I really liked in the book…..

Overall I really enjoyed it so I'm going to go to 4.75 out of 5 stars.