Review:From the First Touch Box Set

From the First Touch #3 (Jayme Sullivan series): Novelette - Gwendalyn Fox

At first, I heard a lot of mixed things about this book after the author asked me to review her book. It really intrigued me to read it. So here are my thoughts on it. I really like the plot it made it feel realistic with the storyline of the meeting will she's doing an interview but I can't really happen in real life so it made the story more believable. I also really like the author's writing style and how he describes the world that the characters are in. When I was reading the scenes in Paris I could see them perfectly in my head as if it was happening to me. Another thing about the story is that it just kind of captivated me in a way I did not expect that after I started reading I had to keep on going. I liked the characters, but I wish there would have had more time for them to grow and develop more because it feels a little rushed.I did not really get to know the characters just kind of see little glimpses inside their heads. So what I would've liked is a longer story with more character development. I also really would have liked if the story was a little bit better paced so I think it would have been better if the story was prolonged a little bit. So in the end, it doesn't feel quite as first and it makes more sense to the readers. Overall I think it is a great book for me but I'm also just not really sure of my feelings about it. It was really sweet but kind of predictable. So I would recommend it for somebody who wants something quite fast-paced and easy to read. I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars.

Note: This was an ARC copy provided by the author in my thoughts on this book are mine alone.