Review #1 Sweet Reckoning

Sweet Reckoning - Wendy Higgins

It was so amazing. I had so many feels after I finished this book.

I was so sad when Patti and Marna died and the Dukes chose there path to go to heaven and be angels again or go to hell and suffer. 

(show spoiler)

It was so action packed and cute so how could I not give it a 5/5. It was sad to say bye to the characters we grew to love Anna, Kaidan, Blake, Ginger,Marna, Jay, Patti and Duke Belial.  I love the romance between Anna and Kaiden its such a sweet and different relationship because of there sins that they got from there fathers and there thoughts on life. Then the friendship between Kaidan and Blake was so realistic like how they joke around and help each other it seams as if they are best friends.This book had an amazing ending and now I can't wait to read Wendy Higgins new book Sweet Temptation which is the whole Sweet trilogy told from Kaidan's point of view.